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This is a new product group designed for cars older than five years. The production of these parts is based on the know-how of the Volkswagen group, according to the development of the car. In the production of Economy Parts, the series specifications are adjusted according to the value of an older vehicle. In addition, the design features are modified, specific materials are used and they are produced in a limited range. The required range is gradually expanding, and it focuses on vehicle maintenance parts and quick-wear parts. The two-year statutory warranty is the same as for other original parts. The range of Economy Parts has a number of advantages. The main advantage is maximum quality thanks to post-series production according to the group's quality assurance system. The quality of series production in this case is modified with respect to the age and value of the vehicle. Volkswagen Economy Parts are also supplied through exclusive sales channels. When they are used to repair an older vehicle, the ratio between the repair price and the residual value of the vehicle is taken into account.

Features of the range

Production takes place according to the specific development process of the Volkswagen Group. Of course, the two-year warranty period is maintained. Economy Parts are not used for warranty repairs, goodwill repairs or recall campaigns for new vehicles. The range of Economy Parts focuses on parts that are subject to wear and are used for vehicle maintenance.

The process of developing and releasing a part

The quality of Economy Parts meets the same high quality standards as the original parts. This quality is ensured by a quality management declaration that meets the special requirements for developing and releasing Economy Parts.

Design features

Some of the design features of Economy Parts are changed. For example, the car battery has a reduced amount of lead in comparison to the original part. In terms of quality, however, they are better than competing products. The materials used may also be modified. For example, the exhaust pipe uses a steel sheet with hog-dip galvanized aluminum instead of stainless steel. Still, the quality is higher than that of competing products. In some cases, the diversity of variations is reduced. For example, the exhaust system uses shock absorbers with a universal circular cross section, making them usable in various models. All these measures result in better prices in comparison with the original parts. Compared to competing products, however, the quality is still significantly higher.

Car parts from the "Economy Parts" rang

  • Brake discs Brake pads
  • Battery
  • DPF filters
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Shock absorbers
  • Spark plugs
  • Alternators
  • Liquids
  • Oils
  • Wipers
  • Filters
  • AC compressors

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